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Teaching diversity and social inclusion through football

With the help from our contributors from all over Europe we have worked the last three years to create learning activities around football history with the goal to promote historical understanding as well as foster social inclusion.

From this hard work we are proud to present; the official Football Makes History Guide book and the Football Makes History Toolkit. The FMH Guidebook is for history teachers who want to engage their students in the classroom. While the FMH Toolkit represents a great opportunity for anyone who works in a non formal setting.

The Handbook

The Handbook represents a fantastic opportunity for teachers to explore the work created by Football Makes history over the past three years. The development of the learning activities were overseen by EuroClio. Using the Guidebook will help you to make the most of the learning activities. The themes these activities touch upon are as follows; ‘’Nationalism and national identity’’, ‘’War and peace’’, ‘’Identity and Emancipation and Liberation’’’, and finally ‘’Football and its Local and Regional Connections’’. The Guidebook is also interactive which allows to navigate the learning activities with more ease and follow the helpful links towards Historiana E-learning website where the activity are published and more information is available.

The Toolkit

The Toolkit, on the other hand, represents a great learning opportunity for those working in non-formal settings who want to use football in order to promote social inclusion and diversity. The Toolkit is developed by Fare Network and a group of European developers who together designed activities as listed in the Toolkit. With the motto: ‘’Football belongs to everyone’’ the commitment from Fare with this Toolkit is to tackle discrimanation and promote social inclusion through football’s inclusive power. This resulted in a wide variety of inspiring activities which can be used to organise innovative playing sessions.

Find out more

You can read more about the FMH Toolkit and the FMH Guidebook.

Engage young people through Football Makes History’s own Guidebook and Toolkit for promoting social inclusion in formal education or Non-formal settings.

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