Mondiali Antirazzisti 2017 Football tournament (Photo: Domenico Paolicelli).
Mondiali Antirazzisti 2017 Football tournament (Photo: Domenico Paolicelli).

July in football history

Count down with us to the UEFA European Championship of 2020, in 2021

This month was supposed to see the Euro’s coming into its final stage. The road to the final would have taken us from St. Petersburg to Munich, Rome and London among others. Now that this journey is officially delayed for a whole year we at FMH are continuing our substitute footballing journey across the history and heritage of Europe.

#Onthisday will continue to highlight people and events in the history of football that are symbolic for, tell a story of or raise awareness on diversity and inclusion. Follow this campaign on social media, where daily posts will emerge!

Some of our highlights

In July we will highlight stories that connect football to social and cultural developments on the continent. Doing so, there will be special attention to the football history of the tournament. Some highlights you can expect:

  • On the 3rd of July we will look back at the miraculous achievement Iceland had at the EUROS in 2016 as a case on the increased participation of smaller countries over time. The story of a small nation in a bigger Europe.
  • On the 8th of July, on the day that there was supposed to be a semi-final in Wembley, we are looking forward towards UEFA women’s EURO 2022, which will also be hosted by England. What kind of tournament might that be, as a successor to the many “historic” women’s football tournaments?
  • On the 26th of July, we look back on the first edition of Mondiali Antirazzisti (Anti Racist World Championship). It’s a non-competitive tournament in which teams are composed of people with different origins, different gender, different ages and different sizes.

Pass the ball around

Our campaign’s content is almost entirely produced by educators. Each day we aim to deliver interesting mini-stories from football’s rich history. These will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The content is aimed to support the educational objectives of the Football Makes History project. If you are reading this and have suggestions or ideas for the months ahead, we are most happy to receive those! Help our team tell the stories that matter.

As the UEFA 2020 European Championships got pushed ahead one year, the team of Football Makes History will provide you with a 365-day #onthisday series of posts to help all fans out there to go back in time, think, and reflect.

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