Union Berlin
Union Berlin

FC Union Berlin: A rebellious football club in a rebellious city

The first club from east Berlin to reach the Bundesliga

BBC Sport’s Football Focus visits Bundesliga side FC Union Berlin, a “rebellious” football club from East Berlin with a special set of fans, playing their first season in Germany’s top flight 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Reflecting on the club’s journey early on during their first ever Bundesliga campaign in 2019/20, German football journalist Jacob Sweetman told to the BBC’s Football Focus:

Without the fans, this club is nothing. […] They bought themselves back from the brink and they rebuilt their own stadium. You can feel that when you go there. It belongs to them, not to anyone else.

Jacob Sweetman

For more info, read Union Berlin: The German fans who bleed for their club on BBC Sport.

Pictures selection from Wikimedia Commons.

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Union Berlin
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