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A collection of inspiring stories about football history and inclusion. We offer stories that can inspire our cultural conversations today.


History can be explored through the lives of individuals. We offer life stories of unique individuals that help us connect the history of football to diversity and inclusion.


A collection of untold stories where individuals are making history with football. Individuals past and present can use football as a cultural force to foster positive change in society. We honour these individuals and tell their ‘untold’ stories in short videos.


Innovative educational resources that use football’s history, heritage and legacy to engage young people. The resources include ready-made lesson plans and historical source collections for school history education as well as toolkit with activities for non-formal settings.


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Football Makes History project will see a unique European team, including a Football Federation, a professional Football Club’s museum, the renowned Anne Frank House and Fare Network, together with EuroClio – the European association of history educators.

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