Field of the club SÍ Sørvágur on Faroe Island (Photo: Erik Christensen).
Field of the club SÍ Sørvágur on Faroe Island (Photo: Erik Christensen).

September in Football

An unexpected football month in 2020 to review the past

The summer of 2020 is coming to an end. The football season 2019/2020 has come to an end. Here is September. What moment in football history are we looking to highlight in the coming month?

Considering Peace

The 21st of September is the UN International Day of Peace. Football has been seen as a theatre of (peaceful) conflict, but has also at times been at the centre of conflict and led to serious escalations toward war. What could football do more to contribute to peace? We will explore this matter later this month.

Some of our highlights

As before, we pay close attention to stories – large and small – that connect football to social and cultural developments on the continent. Some highlight you can except in September: 

  • On the 12th of September 1990, the footballers of Faroe island made their international debut, and surprisingly defeated Austria in their very first match.
  • On the 13th of September 2005, the German Football Association (DFB) awarded its first Julius Hirsch Award to FC Bayern München for the “Match of Peace” played between its youth team and a mixed Israel-Palestinian team, in partnership with the Peres Center for Peace.
  • On 23rd of September 1964, a charity football match was played in Belgrade for the victims of the Earthquake in Skopje between the national team of Yugoslavia and the “Rest of Europe”.

Pass the ball around

Our campaign’s content is almost entirely produced by educators. Each day we aim to deliver interesting mini-stories from football’s rich history. These will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The content is aimed to support the educational objectives of the Football Makes History project. If you are reading this and have suggestions or ideas for the months ahead, we are most happy to receive those! Help our team tell the stories that matter.

Johan Cruyff 30 April 1974 (Photo: Dutch National Archive).
Johan Cruyff
Football game

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