Archive photo of Ponziana: Enrico Cavalieri.
Archive photo of Ponziana: Enrico Cavalieri.

November in Football

Football stories from the month of November

A heated election season, new and uncertain times for football with an ever-increasing sense of urgency within football to deliver positive change. What moments in football history are we looking to highlight in the coming month which might provide us with historical mirrors to the present?

Football People

Between 8-22 October, Football Makes History founding partner Fare Network champions grassroots football activism that advances inclusion in all shapes and forms. We will highlight the lives of pioneers in football who have broken ceilings and changed perspectives to allow for more inclusion in the game and combat racism and hate.

Highlights to cherish

We pay close attention to stories – large and small – that connect football to social and cultural developments on the continent. Some of our highlights from November were that on:

  • 1 November 1946 a team from Trieste joined the Yugoslavian Prva Liga, The city in that period had 2 teams in 2 different national championships, US Triestina in Italian and ASD Ponziana in Yugoslavian. Our developer Enrico Cavallieri explored this in a social media post (on Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • 11 November 1918, the Austrian Republic was founded. Our developer Dario Brentin penned a little social media post (on Facebook and LinkedIn) to look at the role of football in the emergence of this nation-state.
  • 18 November 1922, Agustín Gómez de Pagola was born. Check out Agustin de Julio’s article about the Basque in the USSR.
  • 20 November 1966, a charity match was played between Wales and a TV stars team to raise money for the victims of the Aberfan disaster. Our developer Marcel Put put together a little social media post (on Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • 24 November 1953, Dutch-Jewish referee Leo Horn supervised the “Match of the Century” where England lost to Hungary’s Mighty Magyars. We took a look at his life and war-time experience in our article about the Referee in the Resistance. Our developer Gabriella van Karsbergen translated from the original story posted on the Dutch portal Sportgeschiedenis.

These were just some of the highlights! Explore more of our November stories on our social media. Miss something? Why not tell us if you think we missed something important in November!

Pass the ball around

Our campaign’s content is almost entirely produced by educators. Each day we aim to deliver interesting mini-stories from football’s rich history. These will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The content is aimed to support the educational objectives of the Football Makes History project. If you are reading this and have suggestions or ideas for the months ahead, we are most happy to receive those! Join us! Help our team tell the stories that matter.

Waiting for UEFA2020, we provided you with a 365-day #onthisday series of posts. Here is what you enjoyed reading in November!

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