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Winnie McKenna, captain of Ireland v England, Belfast 1921
Though he is remembered for scoring the most goals in a World Cup, Fontaine also worked tirelessly to defend footballers’ rights.

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Discussion on Heritage and Football at imagine IC.
Student demonstration on Place du Capitole, May 24, 1968 (Photo: Fonds André Cros, Wikimedia Commons).
Paolo Maldini, AC Milan 1996/97 (Source: UEFA Champions League, #FlashbackFriday Tweet. May 19, 2017).
The Reinwardt Academy hosted partners in Football Makes History to look ahead and think how football can contribute to society with novel approaches to heritage.
In May of 1968 students and the working class in France took to the street. Strikes and other forms of protests spread through France. The events didn’t leave Football untouched, on 30 May 1968 a charity match was played between Nantes and Rennes in sympathy with the protests
Paolo Maldini’s career seems too good to be true, stylish on and off the field, his life has never been touched by failure or scandal.

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What I know most surely in the long run about morality and obligations, I owe to football

Albert Camus, 1957.

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Football Makes History gathers life stories of unique individuals that help us connect the history of football to diversity and inclusion.

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Athletic Club Bilbao and Real Sociedad carrying the Ikurinna, the Basque flag.
Helping students define nationalism by looking at photos of football matches and reflecting on the main expressions of it in the stadiums.
The US National Team lifts the world cup in 2019 (Photo: AppaIoosa on Flickr).
How is the gender pay gap reflected in women’s football and what can be done to change it? How do we help students reflect on this?
Soldiers in Congo in uniform, approx 1910-1925 (Source: Collectie Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen).
How did football evolve over time in both the Congo and Belgium? How has football (environments) been used beyond playing a sport? This is a learning activity to help students explore these topics.
Lucy Bronze chasing the ball (Photo: Dominique Mallen, WikiCommons).
Through examples from football, we can encourage students to think out of the box on complex issues such as equality and inclusion, and ask thought-provoking questions.

Educational resources

Latest learning activities & collections


Toolkit for using historical and cultural heritage dimensions of football to enhance social inclusion and promote diversity in non-formal setting.

Football in Cultural Heritage

Thematic Tips

Discussion on Heritage and Football at imagine IC.

More than trophies

Football clubs can do more than they realize in the field of history and heritage

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Fatmire Alushi in action for Paris St Germain against Wolfsburg (Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0).
Fatmire Bajramaj Alushi was a refugee from war, she achieved star status in German women’s football and won the World Cup. Her story is one diversity, equality and inclusion.
Soccer players (Photo: Public Domain Archive / Pixabay)

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